Posted by: Steven Grabiner | September 9, 2008

Of Ostriches and Wolves

Current events are frequently tapped as a motivation to prepare for the final crisis. Whether it is a devastating natural disaster, an economic emergency, a military build up, a new disease, another terrorist attack or a new law in response to the attack, there is always something in the news that can be used as a prod to move God’s people into action. Presently, the state of the US economy is furnishing such material. Warnings of an imminent, impending financial implosion has gained currency in many circles.  There is a tremendous buzz on the internet, enhanced through the spread of emails and mp3 downloads, alerting us to the fact that we live in perilous times (and we do.)

We should not react to the events around us, as the ostrich mythically does. ‘Burying our heads in the sand’ won’t change anything, nor will it increase our preparation for the ultimate, coming crisis. Burrowing deeper into a state of complacency isn’t an appropriate response. Whether it is in an earthquake, hurricane, loss of life through fire or flood, there is a message. These events are “among the agencies by which He (God) seeks to arouse men and women to a sense of their danger” (PK 277).

Yet, neither should we be like the boy who cried wolf in the ancient fable. Saying with unshakeable certainty that a particular event will occur within a given time frame, will not ultimately help people prepare. “Let no such remarks be made. They do no good. Seek not to obtain a revival upon any such grounds, but let due caution be used in every word uttered, that fanatical ones will not seize anything they can get to create an excitement and the Spirit of the Lord be grieved” (LDE 34). Such unwise pronouncements actually have the opposite effect of bringing God’s people to a fuller preparation. Undoubtedly, we do not want to repeat the experience of the boy in the fable.

So what should we do? Prepare. Preparation of the heart is the first and foremost need of God’s people. Daily we should be pleading with God to cleanse our hearts and to lead us into a deeper experience with Him. We can begin within the home circle to lovingly draw others to join with us in seeking this preparation. Then we can extend outward, into our community, into the homes of those who have not chosen to follow Christ.

We should be asking God what is the best way for us to handle the gifts He has given us, whether they be talents, abilities, finances or properties. We can ask Him if it is time for us to move out of the cities into a more rural location.

Throughout the entire preparation experience, we should up lift Jesus Christ. Seeing His love and sacrifice, is the real power to bring about the necessary change in our lives.  “The shortness of time is urged as an incentive for us to seek righteousness and to make Christ our friend. This is not the great motive. It savors of selfishness. Is it necessary that the terrors of the day of God be held before us to compel us through fear to right action? This ought not to be. Jesus is attractive” (RH 2/8/1881).


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