Posted by: OCI | October 14, 2008

The New Guy in Town

Kevin (second from left) relaxes with some new friends after a game of soccer.

Kevin (second from left) relaxes with some new friends after a game of soccer.

Last year, Kevin decided he wanted to go as a student missionary. He was studying communications at Southern Adventist University, and he wanted to take a year out to answer the call to serve. His first instinct was to go to Africa, but God called him south, instead. Now, he’s been at the Peru Projects ministry in Peru for about a month.

I have seen poverty and suffering in this short time. My prayers go out to the people here who have so little but seem so happy. It teaches me to be much more thankful for what the Lord has given me, as well as giving me a lesson in happiness. Despite battling fierce mosquitoes and the communication barrier (Spanish/English), the Lord has greatly blessed me in Peru. I have seen Him working in my life and those around me. It is my prayer that I can become more like Jesus and share Him daily. This simple life allows me time to strengthen my faith and give Him everything. I want to be His beacon of love and follow His example of service. -Kevin

Thank you to all the young people who decide to spend a year during college doing something a little different. Our ministries are grateful to have you, and I know God is using you and preparing you to work in His fields your entire life.



  1. Keep up the good work, it is not easy.

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