Posted by: OCI | October 16, 2008

Outreach in a Kebab Shop

Taken from the European Bible School in Norway’s newsletter. EBS is part of The Heartgood Foundation.

Written by EBS student, Rebekka, from Switzerland

Remo and Rebekka always make sure to start with prayer, now.

Remo and Rebekka always make sure to start with prayer, now.

Outreach time came around and Remo, my outreach partner, and I prepared our surveys for going door-to-door in a neighboring town. We were not feeling very motivated to conduct the surveys and with people showing little interest, it made it even harder to go out.

Along the way, Remo and I realized that we had forgotten to pray. While we were sitting on a bench reading a little from the Bible and praying, a man passed by and asked what we were reading. We told him it was the Bible and struck up a conversation with him. We ended up giving him a copy of the Great Controversy.

Our last door for the day was a kebab shop. We met a young lady, who worked there and was willing to answer our survey. After speaking a little she told us that she would be interested in having Bible studies. We couldn’t believe what we had heard! We made the agreement to meet the following week and looked forward to our first study.

Unfortunately, she didn’t show but when we passed her shop again we met and talked. It was because of work that she couldn’t come but we managed to study the Bible with her right there in the kebab shop.
She is very open for God’s word, and we would like to ask you to pray that we have more opportunities to study with her, and that the Holy Spirit will open her heart for the truth.


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