Posted by: OCI | October 27, 2008

On a Mission in Romania

After taking the medical missionary course at Wildwood, Aldwyn, a Mission Extreme participant, moved to serve at Herghelia in Romania.

He shares a little of his experience:

As I continue not only my mission experience but my Christian walk as well, it seems as though every day I face another spiritual obstacle, each one that much bigger than the last. I have been giving Bible studies to the elderly at a nursing home in the village of Cumpenitsa. I thank God that while I am speaking they all seemed to understand or at least be entertained by what I am presenting them. But I’m afraid things are changing. At first it was simple. I would go and present to them something from the Bible or give an experience of my own and use some Bible verses to kind of just keep them focused until they were comfortable enough with me to begin a more in-depth study of the Bible. As I began to dig deeper into the Bible with these people I also began to get to know each and every one of them on a personal level. I began to see those who truly understood my messages. Of the 11 or 12 maybe 6 have shown consistent visible signs that they care and comprehend. As I have continued to do these studies, one thing is becoming more and more evident: I need prayer. The words “time is short” are beginning to hold a whole new meaning for me.

There are certain truths that separate us as Adventists from the rest of the world and its many different religions – truths such as the seventh day Sabbath, the second coming of Christ, life after death. The deeper I get into these Bible studies, the more I am beginning to see that I am not prepared for this. Not in the sense that I don’t have notes, or that I don’t have the knowledge, but how do you tell these people that, contrary to what they have believed for so long, the Sabbath is not Sunday? How do you tell a man whose father was a priest that the Pope they have prayed to since they were little boys is not God on Earth? That the belief that a man is once saved always saved is as real as Santa Clause? How do you tell a 90 year old preachers wife, who every day prays to God for own death, that her husband is not in actually in Heaven, and that the dead know nothing?

I am asking that you all please pray for me and the mission work that God has given me to do here in Romania – that God will give me the strength, the wisdom and the words to speak to these his people. Also there are numerous Evangelistic series going on here in Romania, and I am being invited to speak in more and more Churches. I need your prayers. Thank you.



  1. Yes, I understand that it is difficult for people to give up such emotionally charged long time beliefs. I conducted an evanelistic series in Cluj in the Adventist nursing home and it was difficult however the Lord blessed and several from the community also came.

    You can tell them that it was also not easy for Paul to change his entire belief system about Jesus when he was still Saul but look at how God blessed him.

    Obedience is never easy but the fruits are real peace and joy.

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