Posted by: OCI | November 3, 2008

Letter to Africa

Malinda checks one of her patients during a mobile clinic.

Malinda checks one of her patients during a mobile clinic.

After returning from a year as a student missionary in Zambia, Southern Adventist University student, Malinda, wrote a letter to the continent she misses.

Dear Africa,

I miss you. My time spent with you was so wonderful, how could it ever be enough? I praise God for the experiences we shared – times that touched my heart, taught my soul, and changed my life. I miss the sight of you: rich green hills, stretched out under the breadth of colors painted by the setting African sun. I long to hear your sounds, your song. If only I could be there with you again, walk along your dusty paths, ride once again through your villages, be once again with your people. The African people! I miss them most of all. They loved me, treated me as family, made me feel as if I was one of their own. They inspired me, challenged me, taught me the beauty of existing despite hardships and showed me the true depths of trusting in God.

To think that I had such an opportunity! The chance to live among you, ministering to you whilst you ministered to me. You have such a hunger, such a need. Only through God’s Spirit will those needs be met. For yours is a deep hunger, a deep spiritual thirst which demands sustenance. There I was, a student in the midst of “real Africa”, Zambia. I went on a mission, you taught me what true mission was. I went hoping to offer you medical aid, and I did in small ways but you showed me that there is more, oh so much more! I came with my nursing degree, never guessing that God had so many more lessons to teach me. You thanked me for teaching you, coming to help you – but how can ever thank you enough for helping me? I remember you, Africa. I even dream of you. These are bittersweet moments for I love the sight and sound of your people, but then I awake and realize that it was all a mirage. My heart aches for you.

Would I do it again? Certainly, a million times over. Was it worth it? Absolutely. The ups, downs and all-arounds were difficult at times it’s true. But they enriched the journey. Africa you’ve changed me. I can no longer live a life in which I’m simply existing. By God’s grace, I’ll get the opportunity to be there with you once again. Please say you miss me too, for you’ve become a part of me that I will never let go.

Dreaming of the day we’ll meet again,

Your sister,

Former SM at Riverside Farm Institute, 2008

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