Posted by: OCI | November 10, 2008

Flames Devour Faculty House

Reignited flames engulfed the home.

Reignited flames engulfed the home.

Heritage Academy news release:

Monterey, Saturday, November 8, 2008: Vlasta Hybl returned home Saturday morning to find a fire in his basement near the furnace. The home, located on the campus of Heritage Academy, billowed smoke as staff and students used garden hoses to attack the fire. By about 12:00 PM when firefighters arrived, flames were showing through the roof. It took the fire department several hours to extinguish the flames, inspect the damage, and declare the area safe.

The fire left only charred remains of the Hybls' earthly belongings.

The fire left only charred remains.

At 2:30 AM, Sunday morning, faculty members of the boarding school awoke to a rekindled fire with the house fully engulfed with flames as high as 60 feet. By the time firefighters returned, the home and its contents were a total loss. Mr. & Mrs. Hybl and their three children were staying in another home on the campus at the time it reignited.  No one was injured throughout these events.

Please pray for Heritage and the Hybl family. And, if you wish to help Heritage Academy or the Hybl family, you may make a gift onilne, and designate the recipient in the “Payment For” box.


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