Posted by: OCI | December 11, 2008

The Hope of Survivors in Kenya

The Hope of Survivors is an OCI ministry with a very specific focus: healing for victims of abuse from a religious leader. They started working in Kenya, recently, and they had a benefit concert where the Kenya representative shared some good news:

My sister was moved by the brochures and banner at the [ASI] Convention in Tampa, FL and felt she would do something. She said she would give part of her land she has in Nairobi for a construction of a counseling center for the hurting to get help.

Hephzibah, the representative, has been busy planning for THOS outreach in Kenya:

After meeting twice and sharing with the pastors in Nairobi, they felt there is a missing link of information and wished to have a seminar by The Hope of Survivors ASAP. When The Hope of Survivors (U.S.) representatives visit Kenya, we shall conduct seminars for pastors and church leaders of various congregations and conferences. We shall have an opportunity to meet the Director of Christian Association of Kenya (CHAK) and thereafter meet some of its member churches and hospitals. We will visit various church congregations in the city and some out of the city. We shall visit victims at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital with arrangements, and meet some of those who have communicated to The Hope of Survivors in the past. We shall launch counseling services too. In the recent past, the data from the Rape Act is high, and many cases are not reported. We shall also visit one of the internally displaced centers and talk to women of their observations on rape.

Read all the latest news from The Hope of Survivors.


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