Posted by: OCI | January 8, 2009

Back to Guyana

Anca joined Mission Extreme last year and, after training at Wildwood, made Guyana her mission destination. Instead of staying home after Christmas at the end of the required six months, she decided to go back to Guyana to serve for another six months. Getting back turned out to be rather difficult, but God helped her through:

Anca (second from right in the front) loves working with her team in Guyana

Anca (second from right in the front) loves working with her team in Guyana

JFK – New York
January 8, 2009
12:20 a.m.

“And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.” Psalm 50:15. This is the verse God shared with me this morning. And boy, have I been needing it today! If ever there was a “day of trouble” it has occurred in the past 12 hours for me.

Right now I am waiting to board my flight to Guyana. And it’s a very comforting thought to know I am almost on that plane. So many times today I thought it would impossible to make it. And yet, by God’s grace, I am here, weary and tired, but here, nevertheless.

So when I got to the check-in place this afternoon, the lady at the counter simply just did not want to let me through! She was asking for a visa, then documents proving what I’m doing in Guyana, then a returning flight ticket, then for enough money on my debit card that I could buy a ticket when down there….all of which I had none. It was a whole ordeal, that I’d rather put behind me and not go through all the details, but it was so frustrating, I have to say. My flight was to be leaving at 4:20 and by the time she was satisfied enough to let me go, she said I would miss the flight anyway, but rushed me to customs. I went through, got on the shuttle in a frenzy, and looked at my watch: 4:10. There’s no way.

Ran to the gate. Flight’s delayed. Wow. So that was a whole adventure. But it didn’t end there. Not to go into more details, as soon as I got off the plane here in New York, the adventure continued. This time I found another fellow “partner in crime” hehe – a sweet, but desperate young Afghani girl. We found ourselves in the same situation, looking for our carry-on suitcases that the airline had taken and that we were supposed to pick up but had missed the place and weren’t allowed back in. We ran all over the airport, inside, outside, asking 3 dozen people, with each indication making us eventually go in circles, through elevators and terminals, and airtrains, and, whew, after running around together for about two hours we felt a bond that two people can only have when going through such an ordeal. Through a complete miracle, I spotted a lady carrying our bags for second and shouted for her to stop. We collected our bags and tried to recollect ourselves and complete the next mission.

Just a few of the reasons Anca decided to return to Guyana

Just a few of the reasons Anca decided to return to Guyana

We had to next find our gates. Sound easy? Ha! Not at JFK, 10:30 pm, when everything is closed and everyone’s too tired to care or help you out. The girl pleaded with me to help her, since it was her first time flying alone, and she was “so scared” she told me. So of course, we stuck together. After a lot more running around, we found her gate, but it was too late. She had lost her flight to Dubai. And I had to go and try to make it to mine in time! So after lending her my cellphone so she could call her mom, we exchanged, hugs, kisses, emails and everything and with a broken heart to have to leave her there, I ran for the airtrain.

And here I am. I think I should go check the mirror to see how many grey hairs have appeared since this morning. Oh boy, we’re boarding now! I wonder what craziness will await me next. Lord, help me.

Anca made it to Guyana where she rejoices to be with the friends she made and is eager to see the special ways God will continue to use her.


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