Posted by: OCI | January 14, 2009


Recently many Christians have been targets of violence in India. Living Springs Overseas Missions is no exception. They continue to pray for protection and have seen God work in amazing ways. Director Bill Dull shares an experience from their Springs of Joy mission:

Young men learn how to rebuild engines.

Young men learn how to rebuild engines.

Our Bible seminary & midwifery school in Springs of Joy recently received many threats of death and destruction if we did not give one of the Maoist groups $11,000 in US Dollars. We had no place to turn for safety but to God. This group has killed many people in our area who refused to give them money.

A few weeks ago, God miraculously answered our prayers as we claimed Psalm 34:7 for protection. God brought a man who is part of the same Maoist group to attend our advanced seminary graduation program. He was very impressed with our vocational and midwifery training programs and our love and care for the very poor village people. While he was standing beside Ronald Marjee, our school president, Ronald’s cell phone rang. It was from the same Maoist group that had demanded the money. Ronald turned on his speakerphone and let the visitor hear the terrible words: “This is your very last chance. We are coming, and if you don’t have the cash, we will kill you and blow up your buildings.”

The visitor took the cell phone from Ronald and said, “My name is–.” I am a member of your group. Your leader’s name is–. I am here at this school now. These people are doing a wonderful work for the poor village people. They have saved many women’s lives in their midwifery program and are training poor village young people with trades. Don’t you ever call back here again. I will call your leader and tell him to stop your threats on this school.”

We have heard nothing since that day. We praise the Lord that His promise in Psalm 34:7 is true. God does send His angels to protect His people.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support that helps us go forward through these challenging days.


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