Posted by: OCI | January 28, 2009

Socks and Airplanes

ellersBeaver and Rebecca are in Mongolia, working with Gospel Ministries International. They’ve had a number of challenges with getting their airplane to the country, but things are coming together, and they’re about to return to the states to purchase and prepare a plane for mission service in Mongolia!

They’ve been in Mongolia since November, this time around, laying a lot of the groundwork for their ministry. And they’ve seen God’s hand in so many of their experiences. Even on Monday, when they bought two pairs of socks…

As we were walking along the road, a young man approached us.  He said (in good English), “I am a student.  Can I ask you a question?”  I said, “What about?”  He had a small backpack and he proceeded to open it…”I am selling warm Mongolian socks!  Do you want to buy?”  “How much?” I said, knowing that if it was reasonable, I would buy some just to help support him.  “2,ooo tugrug.” (About a dollar fifty.)  So we bought two pair, knowing that we didn’t really want or need them, that we had plenty of very nice warm socks, and what were we going to do with them?

Check out their blog for the rest of this story and others!


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