Posted by: OCI | February 17, 2009

God-Given Wings

Anca is a Mission Extreme student who studied at health evangelism at Wildwood before traveling to Guyana to serve for six months. She’s nearing the end of her time in Guyana, but God’s blessings on her work are nowhere near an end. Here she describes the morning of February 12:

“All who consecrate soul, body, and spirit to God will be constantly receiving a new endowment of physical and mental power. The inexhaustible supplies of heaven are at their command…Through co-operation with Christ they are complete in Him, and in their human weakness they are enabled to do the deeds of Omnipotence.” -DA 827

Let me tell you about our deeds of omnipotence!

Today God sent four of us to Mashabo – to some specific people I’ve never even met before. We left early once again, at 6:30 a.m., eating our bananas and bread as we were walking in the rain – it was quite a sight! We’ve decided to take off early on Thursday mornings in order to get as much time with the people as possible, since we have to make it back in time for the students to go to their afternoon class at 2:30 in the afternoon.

After the usual one hour and 45 minutes, we reached our beloved little village, prayed and split up. Andre suggested that Kimberly and I should visit the little house by the headmaster’s place because we’ve never visited the man that lives there. I don’t know why, we’ve just always skipped that little house. Well today was going to be like no other day.

As we came up to the man, we introduced ourselves and asked if we could just visit with him and share some words of encouragement from God’s Word. He smiled and answered with an, “of course!” and as we sat down on his steps and opened our Bibles, he said, “wait a second” and went inside. He came back with a  notebook and pencil and said he wants to take down notes! Wow, ok, so I looked at Kimmy and told her, let’s give this man a Bible study!

God led us to bring some encouragement to our dear new friend Gilbert through verses like Matthew 14, Revelation 21, and Acts 1 that speak about Jesus’ second coming and the future life with Him in heaven. As we shared, we found out from him that he’s been living alone for several years, all his children are out of the house, and he stopped going to church four years ago. His next words struck at my heart – “You know, to be honest with you, I’ve seen you guys from Bethany coming by here all the time and I have always been wondering when I’m going to get a visit. But I said, well, I guess it’ll be in the Lord’s timing; and today, you finally came!”

Lord, forgive us for neglecting a soul that has always been right under our noses. No wonder he stopped going to church, if the church members don’t reach out to people like Gilbert. I invited him out to come out on Sabbath and promised him a Bible, which made him very happy.

God next took us over the river, through some trails and straight to brother Isaac’s house – only brother Isaac wasn’t home – his wife was. I had been to his house once before, on a Sunday, when we were waiting for almost a whole afternoon for his wife to come back from church to get a treatment. We had carried towels with us and even a bag of ice, but she never showed up. Poor brother Isaac was so disappointed, and we left with half-sunken hearts, but hoping for another opportunity to see her.

Well, this time we did. And boy, did we find another neglected soul. Auntie Verna was working in her yard when we came up and offered to pray with her and see if we can help with anything. She willingly came and after I asked if there’s anything specific we could pray for, she spilled her great burden to us; “Yes,” she said, “please pray for my son-in-law. You see, just yesterday he was cursing me because I go to church.” She told us the whole story with tears in her eyes – how nobody was visiting her and she was sick and still had to work hard and then the Full Gospel church people came along some months ago and they visited her and prayed with her and how she felt better afterwords, so she started to go to their meetings and church services but now her son is angry and….well, what could we do other than to sit her down and open the Word of God to her!

And what a blessing that little meeting was, for afterwords, she looked like a burden had been lifted off her back. We read to her the blessings in Matthew 5, when Jesus tells us that we are blessed when we are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, and how we must bless those that curse us and pray for our enemies and do good to those that despitefully use us and say all manner of evil against us.

Oh how she was soaking up every word, for you see, Aunti Verna is losing her eyesight as well and cannot read so whenever someone can read to her the words from the Bible is like a fountain of water filling dry ground. And what joy fills my heart to know that another thirsty soul was able to drink some of the Living Water!

She then treated us to some very refreshing coconut water from her coconut tree and asked us if we could somehow help her little granddaughter suffering from some sort of infection in her leg. We took a look at the little six-year-old girl and Kimmy immediately recognized it as Filaria – a worm parasite that enters into your skin and causes fever and terrible rashes. We happened to have our medicine bag with us, so we made a charcoal poultice and applied it, giving her instructions on some other simple treatments Iona can do to help heal her daughter’s now swollen leg. Unfortunately, once the parasite enters the body, supposedly it never comes out, so all you can do is just keep the symptoms under control.

So yes, today was really a blessing. We also counseled our friend __ suffering from sever hypertension, to stop eating so much salt, white flour, sugar and fried foods. We gave her a back a foot massage and told her to drink plenty of water. We also saw and treated my little friend Renneatte, who had fever and diarrhea and another family we came across in a little hut that were all sick with the flu. There is so much need and so little time!

So God did another miracle for us. Since we visited so many people today, before we knew it, the time was 1:00 – way past the time we were supposed to leave – and we were on the other side of the river! We had to quickly say goodbye to our friends and take off for home. However, realizing that it would be humanly impossible to reach campus by 2:30, class time, our only hope was to grasp the hand of omnipotence. So we prayed that God would somehow give us the speed to make it back in time and not cause any problems with the teacher.

We bowed our heads as Andre prayed in faith that we would reach back by 2:15 – and you know what? – God never fails! Yes, we did our part – we did run most of the way, strapped our backpacks tighter to our backs and jumped over the mud puddles, but you know what time we reached home? 2:15. The usual almost-two-hour trip we made in 1 hour and seven minutes. We have heaven’s inexhaustible supplies at our command! We asked for an extra push, God gave us wings – wings of omnipotence.


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