Posted by: OCI | March 6, 2009

A Thank You from Peru Projects

As we’re praying that we find Bob Norton, another ministry with an aviation program is thankful for donations that allowed them to improve the safety of their flights. Peru Projects recently put up a communications tower to improve their internet connection. Here is their note:

peruprojects-article-hor-03-05-09-rgbThe Blessing of Technology

When you work with mission aviation there are a few things that are often on your mind. Where are the airplanes and what is the weather like ahead.  In the back of everyone’s mind is the fact that if an airplane goes down in the dense jungle, it is almost impossible to find.  Using a satellite tracking system and satellite weather maps overlaid on Google earth, we can now track and guide our aircraft much more dependably.

You can only imagine what a blessing it has been to our program to have a reliable internet connection.  This connection has also allowed us to communicate more effectively with friends, family and supporters through email, chat programs, and video conferencing.  We have even done live Sabbath School programs in the States, from Peru.

The donation of funds for a tower to support our internet system was the key to improving communication and safety here at Peru Projects.  Thank you to those involved in making our new internet system a reality.

~The Peru Projects Team


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