Posted by: OCI | March 11, 2009

“Please Help Me”

The current newsletter from Congo Frontline Missions in DRC shares this story (Mtenzi is one of their pastors):

congo-isuzuMsafiri Mtenzi slammed on the brakes as he rounded the corner in the road. The mud from the heavy morning rains caused him to skid a ways before stopping. On his way to do revival meetings with two of our church planters about 100 miles from Kisangani, he was not prepared for what lay before him.

Only minutes before, an Isuzu truck loaded with much cargo and many people had lost control due to excessive speed. Now, the truck lay sprawled on its side across the road, with passengers and cargo scattered everywhere. Some of the injured were still crawling off the road through the mud as they tried to assess their own injuries. Others were being helped by uninjured passengers and early passersby.

Mtenzi, a man of action, leaped from our land cruiser to assess the situation. In consultation with others, he learned that three people were apparently dead already. Others needed to get to a hospital as they lay shivering from the cold rain. Quickly, he offered to take as many of the injured as possible back to Kisangani.

Soon seven injured passengers were squeezed into the cruiser. As Mtenzi turned to get into the vehicle, he heard a faint, “Help me! Please help me!” Turning toward the sound of the voice, he saw in the ditch the crumpled form of a woman. His heart was touched with pity as he saw that her left shoulder  was badly injured. She lay curled into a ball, shaking
with pain and cold.

“But thereʼs no more room in the car,” he heard one of his helpers say.

“This one goes on my lap if necessary, but she is going with us!” he stated. Mtenzi pressed the accelerator fearing that the lady might not live long enough to reach help. His silent prayers were answered as he reached the hospital in time. Soon all were getting medical help.

After returning home to wash some of the blood out of the car, he was soon on his way to the revival again. The meetings were successful over the weekend and two people were baptized. Two days later, he was thrilled to return to the hospital to find all eight people still alive.

“God sent you to save our lives,” called the woman as he entered her room to visit and pray with her. “We all want to start coming to your church. May God bless you!”

We hear other voices calling faintly from the jungle, “Help us, please help us.” Millions of people in the jungle still donʼt have the joy of knowing their Savior. Consider sponsoring a church planter to help carry the gospel truth to unentered villages for $70 per month. Thanks in advance for your prayers as we continue to reach deeper into the jungle with the light.


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