Posted by: OCI | March 23, 2009

The Voice of Prophecy and the Snake

Ernest Nzala is the director of Lyushomo Christian Institute, a sub-ministry of Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia. Like each of the staff at Riverside, he makes evangelism a priority. Recently he took the time to hold an evangelistic series in Matuwa. Despite the challenges, he clearly saw God’s hand at work.

I was asked by the District youth movement to be their speaker at the evangelistic campaign that they organized to hold in a remote village of Matuwa not very far from Siavonga.  I made my preparations for the meetings that were going to last for three weeks.  When the day came when the meetings were supposed to begin I started off for Matuwa, but on the way I got a message on my phone asking me not to go to Matuwa as no food arrangement had been made.  The second reason was that they were no crusaders that were ready to come and help at the meetings.  In that SMS message the youth leader asked me to give him more time to organize the requisites.  I thought to myself about the adjustments I had already made to my work schedule and also the preparations I had made for the meetings, and then determined that I could not stop.  I went back home and prepared enough food for myself and a few other people who would be willing to help in the meetings.

When I went to Matuwa nobody else joined me.  At first it was difficult to get people to come to the meetings, until I introduced the VOP lessons.  Many people got interested in studying the lessons especially because they would receive a Bible if they completed the lessons successfully.  They worked fast in their lessons, their school going children helped them to understand English as the lessons were in English.  Pretty soon I was very busy preparing my sermons, marking lessons, and visiting when I could.  Because of the VOP lessons, many people started coming to my evening meetings.

snakeThere was a boy who caused trouble every evening whenever I stood to preach, and nobody tried to stop him.  One evening I got so impatient about the boys’ behavior that I rebuked him in public and told him that God could take away his life, even that same night If He so wished.  Then I prayed for him publicly, that God would forgive him of his sin.  That night, the boy was going back home after the meeting, in a place where no snake was ever seen by the villagers, he met a very big black mamba, a deadly snake.  It stood up with its head only inches above his head, and was ready to strike.  The two just looked at each other for a minute or two, and then the snake fell back and disappeared into a small bush in the dark.  The boy lost his consciousness and fell to the ground because of fear.  When he gained consciousness again, he ran home.  From that day, Dala became one of my best Bible students.  He even started helping organizing the meetings and also distributed VOP lessons.  At the end of the evangelistic meetings, Dala was one of the 38 that were baptized, thanks to the VOP lessons.


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