Posted by: OCI | April 2, 2009

Lessons in LIFE

Nathan Jones, the seminar coordinator for Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital, wrote about the recent partnering of Wildwood’s College of Health Evangelism and the Lay Institute for Evangelism:

LIFE students soak up the lessons in the classroom.

LIFE students soak up the lessons in the classroom.

After many long months of school, students across the country are looking forward to graduation and a short break from the books. At some colleges, graduation has already brought new blessings and challenges to its graduates.

Twelve Lay Institute For Evangelism students celebrated their commencement service in early March. The newly organized LIFE School from Orlando, Florida advertised at the last ASI convention, offered several months of training, followed by a mission trip where the students apply what they learn. In February of 2009, LIFE and Wildwood’s College of Health Evangelism had the opportunity to work together for one month of this training.

The College of Health Evangelism, or CHE, was almost at maximum capacity when LIFE contacted them to assist with their Evangelism School.  Providentially, there was enough room for everyone, and on February 9, the first LIFE class began.

“The LIFE students have been a real blessing,” said Michael Smith, Assistant Education Director for CHE. “They started asking questions, and they were very interested in what they were learning.” Students said there was a mountain of information, ranging from Daniel & Revelation to Physiology & Massage, all of which they thoroughly enjoyed.

“This has been a rebirth for me,” said Raymond, one of the LIFE students. “Though it was only thirty days, God opened my eyes to a new idea—how to be a temperate Christian.”

As graduation approached, teachers and students prepare

Instructors at CHE teach LIFE students how to give a good massage.
Instructors at CHE teach LIFE students massage.

d with mixed feelings of joy and sadness. “I wish I could stay here longer,” said Raymond. He spoke not only for himself but for his classmates who had also found new blessings and friendships.

So what’s next for our new friends? The mission field—three mission fields in fact. They have separated into teams that will visit Honduras, Kenya, & the Philippines. These mission trips are their first opportunity to share all the knowledge they have received.

Some may wonder if a few months of intensive training can prepare students for the mission field. Have LIFE and Wildwood’s “College of Health Evangelism” made a difference? Raymond answers the question with an overwhelming “yes!” “If given the opportunity to give a seminar on what I’ve learned here in the last few weeks, I would not hesitate!” He summed up his experience nicely as he referred to the course. “This” he said, “is our message.”

Find out more about LIFE or CHE.


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