Posted by: OCI | April 17, 2009

Befriending Buddhists

thai-monksIn Thailand, approximately 98% of the population is Buddhist. Recently, Ty Gibson of Light Bearers Ministry traveled there to introduce some young people to a new friend – God. The Buddhist belief system lacks a personal God, but the people thrive on social interaction. The students Ty addressed named friendship as the most meaningful thing in life. So he began to introduce them to God as a friend. Read the rest of the story in their April newsletter (beginning on the second page).



  1. This is too funny. The presumption in your statement is that God is necessary, therefore Buddhism is lacking. Buddhism has gods enough, but gods and God aren’t necessary to solving the problem.

    And if you do find that a God in Buddhism is necessary, there is Adibuddha, for those who need him.

  2. I respect your opinion, but having an experience with a personal God as my Friend, I have to say that my opinion differs. You are right that Buddhism has plenty of gods, but the religion does not include the personal and loving Creator-God.

  3. Yep. It doesn’t. Cause that stuff isn’t outside.

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