Posted by: OCI | June 1, 2009

Angels in the Congo

Congo Frontline Missions, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, serves a war-torn country whose people hold onto many superstitions. Recently two church planters were visiting the homes of those in a village nearby. Here’s the story from the May 2009 Frontline Report:

Two of our church planters–Mikendi and Clementina walked from house to house in the village of Six on the outskirts of Kisangani. As they approached one home, they heard the terrible screaming of a young girl. After a loud knock, a lady opened the door and just beyond her, they saw the father beating his young daughter mercilessly.

“Why are you beating your daughter?” they asked.

“I found out sheʼs a witch and I want to beat this witchcraft out of her,” answered the father in a rage. “Sheʼll tell you herself. Sheʼs a witch.”

Soon little nine-year-old Jenny had recovered her senses. She tearfully explained. “I was living with our relatives in the capital city a year ago. They used witchcraft a lot. Soon evil spirits threatened me and I started doing witchcraft with my aunt. I was afraid to stop or they would kill me. When I returned home, I never told my parents. Secretly, I sneak out of the house on certain nights to meet other witches at our meeting place in the graveyard. We did many powerful and bad things in the night. Last night before we started our chants, two shining white beings appeared to us. We were afraid, because they were so bright and seemed so much stronger than us. They said to us, ʻJesus is coming very, very soon. He is just outside the door. You need to get ready. This is no time to be practicing witchcraft!ʼ After they disappeared, we all agreed to leave our witchcraft and warn people about the soon coming of Jesus. When I told Daddy what happened, he started to beat me.”

“There! You see! She admits to bringing witchcraft into our house,” shouted the father as he prepared to resume the beating.

“Wait! Donʼt hit her,” shouted Mikendi. Donʼt you see that she is already converted. She wants to follow Jesus. He helped her to leave witchcraft behind.” As they reasoned with the father, he calmed down. Finally, Clementina dressed Jennyʼs wounds and they got some medicine to help her. But best of all, they are studying the Bible with Jenny. She is excited about her new hope in Jesus.

Most of all dear reader, she wants YOU to know just how soon we will see Jesus coming to take us home. Let us let go of the things in our lives that will hinder us from rising up to meet Him in the air. Please listen to the warnings of these angels. Thanks for your prayers and support for our church planters here in the heart of darkness.


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