Posted by: OCI | June 22, 2009

Joy in Tiruntan

A group of students from DayStar Adventist Academy traveled to Peru Projects for a mission trip. The experience was a blessing for the students and the people in the village of Tiruntan, Peru, where they spent their time. Odil Donesky of Peru Projects shares:

Tiruntan is a good size village where six years ago we sent a Bible worker and his family to start the presentation of the gospel. Now finally their prayers have been answered. The Day Star Academy group, from Utah, came here in March to build the church they had waited so long for.

daystarperuThis group was full of energy and enthusiasm, not only were they going to build a church, they were also going to present the gospel every night and also do a children’s program. Yes, we were busy. Yes, we were tired. Yes, there were too many mosquitoes. Yes, it was inconvenient not having running water or electricity. But in the end, we all left happy and blessed. After eight days, the church was finished. We had made many new friends, but best of all, we had shown them our Best Friend Jesus. The young people in the village were impressed and wanted to learn more. The children wanted more stories, more crafts, and more games. The whole village noticed the difference in the attitude of the people and all because of the presence of these dedicated and loving young people who were willing to leave the comforts of home to come share their time and their Friend.

Two Bible workers were left behind to continue studying with those interested. The last Sabbath in April was a joyous occasion; twenty five precious souls have made a decision to join God’s children and were baptized. There are many more who are studying, please join us in praying that the Holy Spirit will bless this village as they continue to pursue a closer walk with Jesus.


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