Posted by: OCI | July 27, 2009

Simple Health

Don Johnson of Uchee Pines Institute spends much of his time traveling and teaching at ministries around the world. He has just been in South Africa helping with an intensive medical missionary course. Part of their time was spent conducting a health seminar. Here is just a glimpse into his experiences:

Our school here, the first of its kind, as far as I know, in South Africa, has 12 students from their late teens to their 50’s. It is a three-week intensive, as much for the students as for the teachers. The first week was the most intense. We were invited to conduct a weeklong health seminar in Malmesbury, a town about 55 kilometers from here. Every night from 7 till about 8:30 I presented various health topics. It was a great success. The health needs are everywhere. Whereas the town does not boast a McDonald’s. they do have a “Kentucky” as they call KFC here. On Saturday night, the last night of the series, I was talking with one obese woman who confessed that she had been in the habit of slugging down three to four liters of  “fizzy drinks” every day. She had stopped the morning after the first Monday night lecture.

Another young man came to me and without opening his mouth I could see his problem. His nose was swollen and his eyes slightly puffy. He had been suffering from severe nasal congestion for years. He could not breath through his nose. The first thing I suggested, and that quite strongly, was that he completely divorce milk in all of its forms from his diet. After all, 95-100% of Africans have a milk protein intolerance.  I also gave him two small jars of Breathe Free, a salve made by Mike Bunnell of north Georgia. Today (Sunday, July 26, 2009) his grandmother told me he is completely well. Why do we make health so hard?

Another man came by last Wednesday to look in on some of the tunnels (greenhouses) here, and there are a lot of them. But God had brought him her for other reasons. You see, his wife is suffering from, well, we would normally say cancer, but I will say she is suffering from the treatment. Taking sunitibib since May, she now suffers from vomiting, taste disturbances, mouth sores, upset stomach, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, swelling, nose bleeding, inability to sleep, weight loss, dizziness, dry mouth, decrease in appetite, swelling in the face, depression, accumulation of fluid in the chest and abdomen, mental status change, voice change and tremors. And the bottom line it, chemotherapy is “successful” about 3% of the time. People have better rates of recovery doing nothing, and far less side effects. But the man was open to alternatives and we are advising and praying his wife responds to the natural approach.


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