Posted by: ocihannah | July 9, 2010

A GC Experience

Piles of cardboard and boxes are strewn across the cool concrete of the exhibit hall. Booths methodically take shape like origami creations. I’m here with OCI, helping the rest of our team set up the brightly colored OCI Village, with its 24 member ministries and massage tables. Over the course of the next 10 days, thousands of people will pass through the exhibits, picking up literature and free samples, enjoying musical presentations, and learning more about the work of the Adventist Church around the globe.

Each day I spend a few hours in the booth, passing out OCI Reports and ministry books and answering questions. The exhibit hall is often crowded as visitors flood the aisles, laden with reading material and bags of freebies. There are moments of time to soak up the cacophony around me; a mixture of languages and cultural dress that testify to the vast reaches of the Adventist Church. I enjoy interacting with visitors and speaking Spanish whenever possible. The event passes quickly, and it is soon time to pack up and return home.

As I reflect on the experience, it seems it was a wonderful opportunity to intermingle with OCI’s members, as well as meet people from other countries and cultures. It is my hope that lives will be changed through the work of those involved.

To learn more about OCI’s experience, check out our Web site.


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