Posted by: OCI | July 22, 2010

New Members at OCI

This summer OCI welcomes four new members to its global family of ministries: Amazon Lifesavers, Madison College, Mission Projects Inc., and Mukuyu Outreach.

Members benefit from the OCI network, which connects them to other ministries around the world and to individuals interested in mission work, health evangelism, and more. The four newest additions each specialize in different areas of mission work, yet all strive to spread the gospel in ways suited to their location and the local needs.

Amazon Lifesavers helps the Brazilian people through medical missionary work. The project operates from four bases and three boats to witness to many people groups along the Amazon. The boats are taken into the interior of the Amazon jungle to give Bible studies and provide free medical and dental work.

Madison College is comprised of a lifestyle center, college, and health food store. The ministry, located in the village of Lindley, South Africa, grows its own vegetables with a strong emphasis on organic gardening.

Mission Projects Inc. was founded in 1975 in Mexico. Since then, the ministry has expanded its work to Belize where it financially assists various projects. Mission Projects also supports lay Bible workers in Mexico, Belize, Philippines, Peru, and Zambia, as well as working globally with ShareHim Evangelism.

Mukuyu Outreach seeks to reach rural Zambian communities through evangelism and humanitarian efforts. The ministry is involved in various projects including an orphan care facility, school, and elderly meal service. They also have a medical boat, which is used along the Zambezi River.

To learn more about the individual ministries, visit their websites. To find out more about other OCI ministries, check out the OCI website.


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