Posted by: ocihannah | September 10, 2010

HEALTH: Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Depending on where you live, now is about the time that the leaves melt into a medley of reds and yellows, and the morning air turns crisp and brittle on rosy cheeks. While many of OCI’s global ministries don’t experience season changes such as this, here at the OCI Headquarters in Tennessee, summer is slowly fading. Fall will soon be upon us with all of its splendor, which provides an excellent excuse to try some seasonal recipes.

Growing up, my family and I often spent our holidays visiting my grandmother. I can still imagine the smell of her cooking wafting through the house, a mixture of sweet and fragrant spices and savory vegetables. Favorite recipes often bring back fond family flashbacks for many of us.

Even if the leaves aren’t changing where you live, try this delicious vegan pumpkin pie recipe from Elizabath Hopkins, the food service director at Black Hills Health & Education Center, one of OCI’s ministries in South Dakota.


-Hannah Kuntz, OCI Communication Specialist

>>Please feel free share your own favorite fall recipe here on the blog or let us know how the recipe turns out<<


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