Posted by: OCI | September 20, 2010

NEWS: OCI Zambia Trip

Some members of the team pose on scaffolding next to a finished One-Day Church structure.

Steven Grabiner, right, works on the roof of one of the churches.

Jay Anders, lay pastor of the East Ridge Church, prays with Amos, a local church member, during the communion service on the final Sabbath.


Have you ever spent a week and a half living in the bush? This is not referring to the suburban niceties of an American backyard.

They did.

A group of 11 individuals traveled into the dusty regions of Zambia with OCI on a mission trip from Sept. 1-16 to build One-Day Churches.

Steven Grabiner, OCI vice president, led the trip with a team of eight members from the East Ridge Seventh-day Adventist Church in Tennessee. A doctor and his wife from Pensacola, Florida, also joined the team.

The rough conditions included tents, pit toilets, and bucket showers, but the circumstances hardly deterred the team as they focused on constructing six One-Day Churches and roofing a seventh church.

One of the highlights of the trip was the warm reception given the team by the local communities. The sound of singing and eager workers greeted them at each construction site.

The trip also helped connect individuals with the worldwide church. There was a communion service on the final Sabbath; a beautiful scene as brothers and sisters from different nations knelt in the dirt to wash one another’s feet.

If you would like OCI to help your church or ministry organize a mission trip to one of its worldwide projects, or to get more involved as an individual, write to


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