Posted by: OCI | October 26, 2010

NEWS: Efforts Continue – Searching for Bob Norton

Bob Norton was a volunteer missionary pilot for Adventist Medical Aviation in Venezuela. He and his six passengers disappeared on Monday, February 16, 2009, after taking off into inclement weather. The search efforts continue. Here is the latest report from Barbara Kay, Bob Norton’s sister.

Read the initial story on OCI’s website.

Dear AMA Family,

It has been months since I’ve written, because what else is there to say? I can not tell you any facts regarding the missing aircraft or persons. Only God knows the story of what happened. However, there are those (you may be one of them) who continue to pray for answers or are involved with the search team who are still knocking on doors. Everyone has not sat down and given up the search, although after 1 2/3 years the chances of finding anything in the regrown jungle seems impossible. When we have facts or find out anything for sure I will let you know.

Bob Edwards has put together a website about the search efforts –
I appreciate his continued leadership in conjunction with the civil protection personal in Venezuela to try and find the missing airplane. You may be interested in the information presented at this website. At least look at the pictures! Feel free to pass this website link on. Thank you for your interest and prayers for the search efforts and families involved.

And just a reminder, let us be diligent in our desire to find lost souls and tell them of a Savior. Jesus is coming soon! Hang on to the blessed hope of reunion day.

Barbara Kay


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