Posted by: OCI | November 1, 2010

SNAPSHOT: New Wheels – Part I

The following story was written and contributed by Hein Myburgh. Hein is the director at Mukuyu Outreach, one of OCI’s ministries in Zambia.

I had the privilege to attend the final day of the week long Siavonga District camp meeting held in early September this year. The main service held on this Sabbath was followed by a tasty African meal and we were only given a short break after which we returned to the main arena for another round of meetings. The afternoon program was started by the reading out of offering statistics – it was announced how much money each of the separate wards within the district gathered during the preceding week at camp meeting. All but one ward met their goals and some wards even gathered double what they aimed for. When this part of the program finished, people smiled at each other approvingly and there was a feeling of accomplishment with the sacrifices that were made.

Before the afternoon sermon was given there was another quick item on the program. A man with the name John was called forward. We waited. He was called again. Still we waited. Just as the crowd started to get uneasy with the lack of action there was some movement in the back of the congregation. John was on his way. From where I was seated in the front I could not see him, but by following the stares of those seated along the isle I could tell that he was coming. When he reached the front I realised why it took him so long to get there and why we couldn’t see him – John’s legs were about the size of his arms, they were crumpled up beside him and served no purpose. He was sliding along the ground using a pair of sandals to cushion his hands. It was obvious by the rags he was wearing that John doesn’t own much in this life. Some of the church members of the district heard of John’s disability and they arranged a wheelchair for him. He was called to the stage to receive his gift, a cost-effective union of a plastic chair and two bicycle wheels.

Some photos were taken of the handover and the person behind the microphone called forward the leader of John’s little church group to join them for a photograph. While everyone looked around for this person to stand up, someone in the crowd shouted out a bit of information in Tonga.

To be continued. . .



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