Posted by: OCI | November 5, 2010

SNAPSHOT: New Wheel – Part II

The continued story. . .

Read Part I here.

Some photos were taken of the handover and the person behind the microphone called forward the leader of John’s little church group to join them for a photograph. While everyone looked around for this person to stand up, someone in the crowd shouted out a bit of information in Tonga.

The translation was astounding: “John is the company leader!”

This severely disabled man continually dragged his entire body along from one village to the next in choking dust and slippery mud while carrying out the duties of a leader of a small church company. How many lessons are contained for us in John’s sacrificial life! The false contentment which the offering statistics promoted just before John came to the stage suddenly vanished. Are we sometimes like one of the rich that Jesus referred to at the end of Mark chapter 12? Right in front of our eyes in the wheelchair was a striking symbol of the widow that gave her two mites to help advance the kingdom of heaven.

How often do we come up with a line of excuses not to do something which we are called to do. John looked past a rather large stumbling block and decided to give heed to God’s call in spite of his disability. He has enough appreciation for what Christ did for him to get his hands dirty for Jesus.

God is not “appeased” when receiving from us what we sometimes like to think we have created out of ourselves. From God all blessings flow in the first place. What God wants from us is our contrite, thankful and obedient hearts. When we give Him our hearts in sincerity it is automatically followed by our time, resources and the desire to reach lost souls for Him. This is when God can best utilise and bless our gifts. And for those of us who might feel that we are worthless for God’s cause – He will supply the wheelchair we need to overcome our inabilities and shortcomings.


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