Posted by: OCI | November 10, 2010


The following story was written and contributed by James Mayne, who was a student missionary at School by the Sea, one of OCI’s member ministries in Poland.

“Cool Greg” was what I knew him by. He had been attending the small Seventh-day Adventist church in Kolobrzeg, Poland, for as long as I had been there as a student missionary. Almost every week at our Friday morning staff worships the other student missionaries, my boss Tom Sulej, his secretary, Magda, and I would pray for Cool Greg to give his life to Jesus. He had struggled with addictions and spiritual warfare before, but thanks to the support of God and many of his friends, he was overcoming them and winning the battle. It was an awesome transformation to see!

In Poland, more than 90 percent of the people are Roman Catholic. Because of the strong tradition of Catholicism, Protestants are usually regarded with some suspicion, and full conversions with baptism are relatively rare. We had been praying for Cool Greg to have the conviction to take that step for months. I really wanted to see him get baptized before my time was up in Poland.

One day in early May, I received the great news from Mr. Sulej: Cool Greg was going to be baptized that coming Sabbath! I was so excited; I was not going to miss it for anything. The whole church went out to a beautiful lake near Kolobrzeg, and we sang, prayed, and then all watched with genuine happiness as Cool Greg was baptized in the lake. As he came out of the water, his face just radiated with spiritual joy and my heart was deeply touched. Watching Greg’s journey over the course of the year is one of my favorite memories from Poland, and a powerful spiritual experience for me.


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