Posted by: ocihannah | January 4, 2011

NEWS: 2011 OCI Mission Trips

Six years ago I stepped off a crowded plane in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with a group of enthusiastic classmates; my high school senior mission trip planted a seed in my heart.

Mission trips are a wonderful way to reach outside ourselves, to embrace other cultures, and to remind us of how much we have. Wait, how much we have? The irony of a mission trip, or any mission experience, is that often we are the ones who are lacking, whether it is the lack of a grateful heart and appreciation for life’s simple pleasures, or something else. Mission trips are a great opportunity to experience personal growth.

My first mission trip to Puerto Rico helped me grow in a few ways. My class assisted with repairs at a church camp in the mountains. I still remember waking up to birds calling in the lush jungle and watching as the sun evaporated the morning mist. I remember the people. I remember the heat and the long hours spent painting. Yet what is most memorable is the desire I developed to do more. A mission trip is a short-term commitment, yet it can instill in us a long-term passion for service, whether we are in another country or at home.

OCI has more than 80 projects worldwide, and seeks ways for individuals to catch the vision of missions, as well as to provide them with involvement opportunities. Two trips are being planned for 2011. The first one is set for June 8-23 to Mukuyu Outreach, an OCI project in Zambia. Please stay tuned during the next few months for information and the location of the second trip. We hope you will consider joining us in Zambia or in the future.

To download a pdf, click the thumbnail below. Or to find out more information about the Zambia trip, including prices and how to register, click here.

If you would like to receive regular updates about OCI mission trips, including the one to Zambia, send me an e-mail at:

-Hannah Kuntz, OCI Communication Specialist


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