Posted by: OCI | February 18, 2011

NEWS: Updates From Around the Globe

With more than 80 member ministries worldwide, sometimes it’s challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest developments at our projects. So we are always happy to receive an e-mail or communication letting us know how things are going. Here are some recent news items.

Amazon Lifesavers Ministry, Brazil – Pray for Brad Mills, project coordinator at Amazon Lifesavers. He has been recovering from dengue fever, and was just diagnosed with typhoid fever as well.

Country Life Prague, Czech Republic – Developed a new design for its lifestyle magazine, which has been distributed throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1995. In 2010, more than three hundred guests attended the Newstart Health Weeks organized around the country. The medical missionary school initiated and organized an intensive LIGHT program last summer, and another one is planned for this year. The ministry is also working as partners in a study for diabetics organized by one of Prague’s best medical facilities (hospitals).

Cross to Crown International, Nicaragua – Is looking for a dedicated group of individuals to take a mission trip to the project to repair a local church.  The ministry is also looking for a full time individual or family to oversee the radio station. For more information, contact Diana Halverson at

LIGHT, USA – Just completed eight one-month LIGHT courses throughout the African continent. The ministry asks for prayers as they seek medical missionary teachers who can help conduct six-month schools. There are openings in South Africa, Congo, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The Hope of Survivors, USA – Will host a Hope & Healing Conference in Indiana on Sunday, March 27, 2011. The purpose of the conference is to provide information and support to those who have been abused by members of the clergy (of any denomination). The conference is primarily for adult female victims of clergy sexual abuse and their spouses, however, anyone who desires to learn more about clergy sexual abuse and prevention is welcome to attend. Register at 


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