Posted by: ocihannah | March 8, 2011

HEALTH: Chickpea vs. Garbanzo

Despite the name discrepancy (This culinary confusion is linked to language. The Spanish term is garbanzo, and chickpea is closer to the French and Italian words chiche and ceci.), these small beans pack a protein punch. In addition to their high protein content, they are also rich in zinc, folic acid, dietary fiber. These beans are also a healthy source of carbohydrates for individuals with insulin sensitivity. (For more information about garbanzos, here is a great website .)

Convinced about the health benefits of chickpeas/garbanzos but not sure how to prepare them? Black Hills Health & Education Center, an OCI ministry in South Dakota, has found a simple and healthy way to enjoy these tasty beans.

4 cups cooked garbanzos
1 small can olives
1-2 stalks celery
1 tsp. onion powder (1 Tbsp. fresh is better)
mayo to moisten
Herbamare or chicken style seasoning to taste
Put in food processor and process until consistency you like.

All this writing and researching has made me hungry. I think I’ll buy some chickpeas/garbanzos on my next trip to the store.

Please feel free to share your own recipe or let us know how this one turns out. Enjoy!


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