Posted by: OCI | July 25, 2011

NEWS: Summer Updates From OCI Ministries

Here are a few updates from OCI ministries around the world.

The Turning Point Foundation, Sweden: During the last two months, the ministry has been blessed with various volunteers from Senegal, Afghanistan, and Germany. Much work was accomplished with the help of these volunteers; the greenhouses, as well as the outside garden patches of beetroots, onion, and dill, were planted, well-watered, and weeded.
In the near future, the team would like to be able to get fresh water from their well, and also get their sawmill running. The sawmill will allow them to build one or two cabins and also to prepare for a cafeteria. Special equipment is needed to cut the logs correctly, which will cost $1,875.

DayStar Adventist Academy, USA: DayStar is seeking to update their industrial arts program for the new school year and is looking for partners to support this endeavor. With $6,000 the academy would be able to make  the necessary changes. The ministry is thankful for increased enrollment for the new school year.

LIGHT, USA:  In January 2012 LIGHT and Amazon Lifesavers Ministry will join forces to begin training church members to work as missionaries both for the unreached in the Amazon basin and the unreached of metro Manaus, Brazil. The ministry asks for your prayers and invites you to help sponsor the training of a missionary for $100.

Cross to Crown International
, USA:  CCI is now working with radio stations all over Nicaragua, but needs help with the cost of updated equipment and with building a physical plant in Puerto Cabazas. Remote villages are asking the ministry for visits from lay workers. The team is excited to see how God is working in Nicaragua. However there are needs, including a caretaker for the physical plant in Francia, someone that can maintain the batteries for the radio station. The ministry also needs a solar pump for their well, which would cost around $800. The pump would enable villagers to get water all day instead of just a couple of hours in the morning.

Heritage Academy, USA:  During the storms and tornadoes that battered the South this spring, staff and students at Heritage Academy responded quickly. Since 2005, Heritage has responded to more disasters than any other Seventh-day Adventist academy or university worldwide. And within 24 hours of the 2011 April tornadoes, the academy staff and students were serving meals, making damage assessments, setting up a distribution line, and cleaning up debris.  Heritage Academy has been very active in training academy students, as well as adults, for disaster response across the U.S.  Since the tornadoes, Heritage Academy trainers participated with ACTS World Relief in training students at Southern Adventist University.  The academy plans to continue to train volunteers this fall in anticipation of future hurricane seasons.

Eden Valley Institute, USA: Sixty-nine Maranatha workers came to Eden Valley in June to give the ministry a facelift. The volunteers put siding on many of the ministry’s buildings, as well as painted, replaced windows, and did cement work. The team at Eden Valley is extremely grateful for Maranatha’s work and hopes that some of the Maranatha volunteers will return for the second phase of the ministry’s plan to build a new lifestyle center. Eden Valley is also teaming up with It Is Written. It is Written will hold a large evangelistic series, Babylon Rising, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Eden Valley will organize and execute the health component of the program. Health evangelism training in preparation for the evangelistic series will be held in the spring of 2012 at various Las Vegas churches. Eden Valley will also hold a one-month medical missionary training course from October 9 – November 6, 2011.


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